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BioLIFE4D Has Successfully 3D Printed Human Cardiac Tissue

BIOLIFE4D announced earlier this year that it has successfully 3D printed human cardiac tissue demonstrating the ability to 3D bio-print viable tissue for transplant.

The successfully printed cardiac patch contains multiple cell types and included preliminary vascularization. The patches can be used in patients with acute heart failure to restore myocardial contraction.

Heart Implant, 3D Printed to Order

For patients with heart rhythm disorders, current pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators are “one-size-fits- all” devices that provide narrowly limited information for cardiologists treating patients with the devices.Using 3D printing, researchers at Washington University are developing more precise heart sensors that might lead to tailored treatment for heart conditions like atrial fibrillation.

What You Missed Last Month - October (3D Printing)

The MedTech Industry has been very busy with 3D printing! From the first 3D printed human corneas and custom cardiac surgical devices to 3D printing helping in the development of mobile phone based medical devices, there was a lot of exciting events that occurred in October. Here is a quick overview of what you missed last month:

Researchers 3D-print light receptor array on a curved surface

Achievement advances quest for bionic eye prototype

The act of “seeing” is the result of a complex system of biological tissues that capture and focus light onto an array of photosensitive receptors in the retina that converts light into electrical signals and sends them to the brain through the optical nerve.



3D-printed device could treat spinal cord injuries

The dream is to eventually 3D print a spinal cord scaffold layered with viable neurons that can be implanted into a human spinal cord and rebuild damaged neural connections and restore mobility to people with spinal cord injuries.



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