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5 Questions Inventor’s Need To Ask Before Developing Their Inventions

Busy clinicians often find themselves identifying a clinical need that a new product or new technology would fill. If you think you have a marketable idea, you need to know there is a long and winding road to bringing an invention to market.


6 Imperatives For Improving Cybersecurity in Healthcare

The House Committee on Energy and Commerce is calling on HHS to act promptly on all recommendations for medical device security suggested by the Healthcare Cybersecurity Task Force.



FDA Reconfirms Continued Acceptance of Single Audits

In an update to its review of the International Medical Device Regulators Forum report the FDA in December reconfirmed that it will continue to accept results of the Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) for medical device regulatory approval.


What You Missed Last Month December Edition (3D Printing)

3D printing is continuing to make major steps in the healthcare and MedTech Industry. From creating high business value in the Healthcare Industry and revolutionizing personalized healthcare, 3D printing is continuing to make a major impact in healthcare. Here’s what you missed in additive manufacturing in the month of December:

What You Missed With the New Year Tax Reform

Did Republicans forget the medical device tax?

When all the dust had settled following the passing of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, the $1.5 trillion Republican tax overhaul, the medical device industry was left scratching its collective head and asking what happened to the medical device excise tax repeal?

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