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Shape-shifting the Future of Medical Implants

Using 3D printing and sequential folding technology, researchers are proposing to revolutionize the way medical implants are produced and implanted.



What You Missed Last Month October Edition (3D Printing)

Another busy month has passed in the MedTech Industry; especially with 3D printing. From using custom 3D printed valve models for heart surgery to the FDA presenting its case for regulating 3D printed technology, lots of exciting things happened in the month of October. Here’s what you missed last month:



World’s First Use of 3D Printing May Revolutionize Reconstructive Surgery

A Welch surgical team has performed the first jaw reconstruction surgery using 3D printed titanium specifically designed for the patient, resulting in much more natural result.



FDA Recommendations For Medical Device Cybersecurity

The topic of cybersecurity for medical devices became a hotter issue this past year amid several high-profile hospital cybersecurity breaches, and the FDA is paying close attention.




What You Missed Last Month September Edition (3D Printing and New Patents)

September was another demanding month for 3D printing and the Medical Device Industry. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights of what happened last month from new patents to advances in 3D printing and design.



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